M.E.S.F.C. welcomes The Revd. Chris Deefholts on her appointment as a Priest of the jurisdiction.

The Mission Episcopate of Saints Francis and Clare is delighted to announce that we have been joined by Rev. Chris Deefholts, priest, whom we ordained in August 2010.

Rev. Chris is currently living in the south of England, in the New Forest area. She has a background of Esoteric Christianity, Advaita Vedanta and Healing/Energy Work. Her main focus is to integrate the Divine Love, Wisdom and Peace of the mystical path into everyday life through practical service in the community.

Here is a link to her website, which gives more information about her ministry,


-and here is a link to the text of a talk given by Chris+ at “A Peaceful World for our Children” Conference held at Gaunts House in November 2000, entitled “Inner and Outer Peace: Creating our own Peace Culture”


It is particularly appropriate that we are able to make this announcement on her birthday, December 13th,  St Lucy’s Day – Patron Saint of Light.

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